The Book

With a foreword written by internationally renowned jewelry designer, Stephen Webster,  “Jewelry’s Shining Stars” is an elegant, full-color coffee table book, which features detailed photos quotes, personal anecdotes and inspirations of 38 designers. “Each and every designer featured in ‘Jewelry’s Shining Stars’ is helping to return jewelry to something given and worn with emotion, not a sign of wealth and status,” says Webster, who calls the book “a damn good read about passion, dedication, craftsmanship and bloody minded obsession.”
~Shining Stars webster

Although the industry is filled with a plethora of designers who construct pretty, wearable and saleable collections, the jewelers featured in “Jewelry’s Shining Stars” have made an indelible mark with their distinguished sensibilities and signature creations, setting them apart from their peers and their predecessors.

Individually, each of these talents has an aesthetic language and story to tell, rich with influences of their up-bringing, travels and beliefs. Collectively, they have challenged the definition of fine jewelry with their shared vision. As a group, they are designing for a generation of women who has embraced this new creativity and think of jewelry as an extension of personal style.

On curating and writing this book, Bernstein who is a twenty-year jewelry veteran (editor, writer, collector, jewelry historian and consultant) explains, “I have seen the sparkle of a rich history. I have been fortunate enough to see pieces from Castellani to Cartier and The Crown Jewels up close and personal. I have been invited to famous gem mines and jewelry cultures around the globe, as well as the workshops and vaults behind the gleaming facades of Madison Avenue and Place Vendome. Yet, I am most drawn to the studios of today’s generation of independent jewelers—designers who work at the bench with reverence for old world tradition, then soulfully alter the classic techniques for irreverent and intriguing styles. I have met all of these jewelers at shows and in their studios, and while trying on their pieces, I have been transported into their worlds. Now I’d like to take readers into their creative minds and present the pieces that are sure to capture the imagination and inspire desire for the craft and collecting of these most alluring designers.”